Take Care Take Out: A day of visibilty (Unboxing Rotterdam)

The Trans Day of Visibility celebrates the lives and dreams of trans people today, expanding our stories in the public eye. To celebrate the day, Take Care Take Out is inviting members of the trans community to share their experience, wisdom, and curiosity with all of us. In these workshops, we’ll explore the trans experience, and what we can learn from other trans people who are publicly living their truth.


DATE: Saturday 26 March

LOCATION: KLAUW Studio (Schiekade 189, Unit 301)


14.00-15.30– Community Archiving Workshop with Ali Lucchinelli

16.00-17.30– Mental health in the transfeminine community with Naimah Janse

18.00-19.30 Trans Menswear- Storytelling through clothing with Bappie Kortram

21.00 – 23.00 – after drinks + mini party (open to trans & cis people, no registration needed!)