Stuur jouw bijdrage in naar de 1st Queer & Feminist Poetry Awards van Unwanted Words.

Dona Daria is partner geworden van Unwanted Words. Stuur jouw bijdrage in naar de allereerste Queer & Feminist Poetry Awards in Rotterdam. We nodigen graag alle LGBTQ+ & feministische dichters, schrijvers en spoken word artiesten in Rotterdam uit om mee te doen.

Stuur jouw bijdrage voor 6 september in via:


Calling all queer & feminist poets and spoken word artists in the Netherlands and around.

The 1st Queer & Feminist Poetry Awards by Unwanted Words are a moment to recognize the talent and excellence in our community. The Awards are a non-for-profit celebration of the best and most outstanding poets and spoken word artists whose works discuss topics of feminism and the queer experience from an intersectional perspective, centering on diversity and BIPOC (Black, Indigenous and People of Color) voices.

We invite LGBTQ+ & feminist poets, writers, spoken word artists in Rotterdam and its surroundings to submit their applications to win an award in one of our six categories.

The Queer & Feminist Poetry Awards are organized by Unwanted Words Project, an award-winning platform for up & coming queer voices working with poetry and spoken word based in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. With the support of the Hang-Out 010, Awesome Foundation Rotterdam, Dona Daria and WORM.

Applicants are encouraged to submit their works for one or more categories for a chance to participate and win one of the Awards. Please be sure to read all information about the call before submitting in your application, the deadlines and requirements are detailed down below.

The deadline for applications: Sunday September 6th 2020.