26 maart: Girls go BOOM #DIY Sessions: Live Stream | ROAN (NL) | ARXX (UK) | DJ Set Inez Akker (NL)

The emotions are tangible in ROAN’s anthemic pop songs about growing up in this hectic day and age. Inspired by the likes of Taylor Swift, Lorde and Ingrid Michaelson, there’s an emphasis on writing from the heart in all of ROAN’s work, with song topics such as mental health, coming of age and today’s social issues. ROAN aims to make those who feel like an alien in this world, feel like they have a place they can go to feel understood.


These Brighton-based, bad-asses are here to wake you the fuck up.
Hanni and Clara are a feminist alt-rock gal pal duo. They have a knack for bruising riffs and deadpan lyrics and their no-fucks spirit is infectious and invigorating. The more people get to hear and see this band, the better!

Inez Akker (NL)
Inez Akker inherited her love for Techno from her dad at a very early age. After being absolutely passionate about Electronic Music since she was 5, she started mixing tracks and creating her own DJ sets, inspired by very close friends who got her into the industry.
In a very short time, her style has got her to share line-ups with Dimi (AnD), Olivier Weiter, Cliff de Zoete, Alex Mart, and Gabo Lora, among many others, in H7 Warehouse (Amsterdam), PIP, and Het Magazijn (The Hague). She also ran her own Techno show at Beats2Dance radio.
She is actively involved in the label Papaya, and currently working on a series of conscious clubbing events in The Hague, approaching Electronic Music from a different (and covidproof) perspective in combination with activities such as Rocket Yoga and Ecstatic Dance.

DATE: 26th of march at 21.00.

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About the event

This event is online using YOUTUBE Livestream and is free to join. The stream link will be posted on the day of the event!

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This program is organized with the support of Dona Daria & Unboxing Rotterdam. A campaign with a focus on emancipation and empowerment for all people in Rotterdam regardless of their culture, religion, or gender.

About Girls go BOOM:
Girls go BOOM is a collective of girls putting girls on stage. In a DIY method, we want to create a safe space community where we can support each other’s music & creative projects, mental health, start new bands, inspire.
Girls go BOOM centres girls and non-binary / gender non-conforming / gender / queer people, people who are disabled (visible or non-visible), LGBTQIA+ people, people of colour.

Girls go BOOM aims to welcome you in a safe-r space:
– With zero tolerance for sexism, homophobia, transphobia, ableism, fatphobia, racism, and other kinds of discrimination.
– Where people are free to be who they truly are.
– Without judgment.
– Where you are protected and respected by your community
– Artwork by Khaddouj Barghout