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The project Co-Happiness: Happy and safe in the Community aims to promote prevention and raise awareness on issues related with child abuse and maltreatment.

Addressing child abuse is a community responsibility that requires education to equip both children and adults with the necessary information and strategies designed to recognize signs of child abuse and respond appropriately, and to prevent child abuse from occurring in the first place. 

Partners from 6 European countries (The Netherlands, Portugal, Finland, Greece, Italy and Romania) gather their efforts together to discuss and review the causes of child abuse and maltreatment and develop innovative methodology and strategies to fight and prevent this phenomenon. Through variety of activities and outputs, educators and professionals working in this field will be provided with opportunities to increase their knowledge and skills to tackle these issues effectively.

The project will also reach 6-9 years old children and teach them how to recognize situations of child abuse or maltreatment and how to talk about this if it happens.

This project is funded under the Erasmus+ programme for the period 2018-2020.

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