24 maart: Rituals of Transformation II: Holy Trinity

‘Rituals of Transformation’ is a two part event focused on how artists, activists, and healers transform experiences of oppression and marginalization in their work.
This event will focus on performances and Q&A by performance artist Parisa Madani, yoga instructor Bryan Sol Miranda, and DIY queer organization Tender Center Rotterdam.
About the artists:
Tender Center Rotterdam is collective of feminist queers who are building the beginnings of a community center for culture; or a venue for queer events; or a les university of life in Rotterdam.
It’s a relational infrastructure with parties, agitation, co-learning, bodies in varying states, gardening, (s)words, conversation, workshops, food, diy darkroom, cats, curry, and a solid sound system.
Bryan Sol Miranda (Cosecha: Kundalini Yoga Rotterdam) practices and shares Kundalini yoga and meditation as healing medicine and as a tool to awaken consciousness for the exploration and embodiment of Truth and Reality. While they draw from ancient Hindu, Andean, and Sikh philosophies for guidance and wisdom, they see themselves as continuing an ancestral tradition of Jewish Truth-seeking and the shamanic ritualism of Third Gender people.
Parisa Madani is drag performer, performance artist
this ambiguous womxn* is bringing queer politics on the dance floor and theatre Stage. She’s a beast, she’s a queen, a mother, a sister and a daughter. A timeless formation of 70 billion atoms and 53 billion dead dinosaur scales on their journey through the Milky Way. With the sole mission to make everything about herself, turning darkness into darker darkness with acrylic nailz. Growing up in the Middle East and West has taught her to embrace lesbianism. After living as a male scientist for over 666 years she realised that “being trans” looks better on the resumé so now she’s a womxn. Womxn because writing it “woman” implies there could be male presence found which is not the case so it’s cancelled out.
She’s also a double scorpio.